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Andrea Sánchez Blanco

Software Engineer

About Me

Software Engineer. Hard working and organized person that loves good user interfaces, enjoys web development, mobiles, low level programming and problem solving.

Work Experience

Web Engineer - Parkside IT GmbH (Aug. 2017 - Present)

Frontend developer working with SASS, BEM methodology, npm, yarn, ReactJS, Typescript, jQuery, Redux, Sagas, Webpack, Typo3, Fluid Powered Typo3.

Computer Infrastructure Scholarship - Universidad de Vigo (Nov. 2015 - July 2016)

Worked with two IT university employees, responsible for fixing the computer related problems that may arised on campus. My tasks during the placement were to format, configure, scan for viruses, fix possible software or hardware harms and install software like the official university antivirus into computers, among others PC related activities.

Bachelors' Thesis

Squizer - Simple Quiz Manager 2017

SPA web application to manage and generate multiple choice tests using Angular 4, Materialize CSS, Django REST framework and PostgreSQL.

GitHub front-end

GitHub back-end


Development of Hybrid Mobile Apps - Using Ionic Framework 2016

Study of the advantages and disadvantages of web-based hybrid apps. This thesis explains from the beginnings of mobile phones how and why it has been created this solution, and how mobile’s history has evolved to need an intermediate approach. It is also studied the general principles of good mobile user interfaces, in order to create a full good user experience from appearance to performance and usability, and how to implement the server side in an Ionic mobile application.

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University Projects


SPA Web Application using Angular 4, MaterializeCSS, DRF and PostgreSQL to manage and generate multiple choice tests.

What's 4 Lunch?!

Hybrid app using Ionic Framework (AngularJS + Cordova) to search and filter cooking recipes, Back& is used as Backend-as-a-Service to download the recipe details and Google App Engine for the pictures.


Web application using NodeJS, Express JS, Bootstrap, Jade and MongoDB to calculate transportations costs.

Web application using CakePHP and MySQL. It is a "Stackoverflow" alike website to register users and publish questions and answers. The user interface has been made from scratch using Bootstrap.


Leader of a 10 member team to create a web application using Boostrap, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. It allows to register users, challenges and teams to upload solutions.

Distributed Mandelbrot

Client-server architecture to calculate the Mandelbrot set in Java.

Distance measurer

Ultrasonic distance measurer and radiofrequency transmission. Using the sensor US-100, UART protocol, transmitter TXL2-433-9 and receiver RXL2-433-9

Image processing

Starting from 3 images (one left, one middle and one right), recreate the middle image from pixels of left or right pictures using OpenCV and SSE2 instructions.